Working from home — what makes a good setup?

Sam McLaren
2 min readJul 11, 2023

Hi all.

My first Work For Dorset video is finally out!

Since lockdowns began, we’ve all been juggling between working from home and heading into the office. It’s been interesting to see the various setups people have created, from home offices to simple tables, and even what the younger generation calls “battle stations.”

To showcase the diversity of our Dorset Council team’s workspaces, I asked them to submit photos of their setups. In an entertaining YouTube video, I’ll guess whose setup belongs to whom and share my thoughts on whether I find them good or not.

I would really appreciate it if you could watch it (and hopefully enjoy it) This is the first of this sort of content where we are blending in with the platform we are posting on (in this case YouTube) whilst also having a key message of showcasing flexible/ hybrid working and being an entertaining video in its own right!

I hope you enjoy it and it showcases the variety of setups we all have when we are flexible working 😊

Why are we making this?

Our team is focused on a content strategy that goes beyond simply saying ‘we’re hiring.’ We are practicing passive marketing by creating entertaining and informative videos that showcase the council’s people and highlight the benefits of working here like flexible/hybrid working and accessibility. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression, so when individuals are in search of job opportunities, they will remember our organisation.

You want people to not realise they are being advertised to. Sorta similar to how after watching Top Gun, people wanted to become pilots. We want our videos to make a similar impact. While our YouTube channel is still carving out its niche and the algorithm is finding our audience, I am starting to gather data on who is discovering and enjoying our content. This data will help us analyse and refine our content strategy further.

What’s next on the horizon?

From showcasing the incredible talent within our team to delving into the impactful projects we undertake, there’s an abundance of content to come.

Tours of the offices, young people takeovers, trial shifts in jobs and much more. We have no shortage of engaging ideas we are working on!

We value your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions. Your input helps shape our content and ensures we deliver what resonates most with you, our valued viewers.

Stay tuned! Hit that subscribe button on our YouTube channel to stay connected and be the first to know when new videos are released.

Sam out!



Sam McLaren

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